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NEWS 2016/2017





Passion and creativity, dynamically expanding research and development department, the implementation of innovative technologies and new designs, are the key to reinforcing the brand with each subsequent order and constant growth of a wide range of Prosperplast. Hundreds of lines are classified in dozens of product groups. Among them products related to the broadly understood gardening section including sub category of large utility products, supporting the ecological activities and helping environment as rainwater butts and compost bins. The offer also include plant pots and cases with various impressive texture inspired by nature. As well as category of professional and multi-purpose snow shovels and a wide range of slides and sedges in interesting design with excellent driving properties. Finally, Prosperplast offers product category of or tool boxes, containers and organizers with a variety of practical solutions that ensure well -organized storage in the workshop, warehouse, home etc.

A series of IML pots

We focus on variety! As an answer we launch line of the classic decorative collection flowerpot casings which, no doubts, can satisfy demanding taste. Thanks to the new technology (IML - "In-Mould-Labeling") the possibility of colours and patterns are endless and any design request can be fulfilled. Our standard offer in this line is dedicated to lovers of botanical, romantic outlooks etc.

Designs are grouped thematically and we can find botanical theme or pastel colour range which can add charm to your interiors. The new line can perfectly be used as a holder for small bits in the kitchen, bathroom, children's room or home office. Models come in 2 different rim widths and are available in 4 sizes.




Plant pots from WAVE collection is inspired by the traditional hand-made ceramic where surfaces are gently distinguished by undulating grooves and discreet texture and is suitable for every season. It is a perfect complement to the stylish interior decoration, patios, verandas, conservatories and garden area. This particular collection is characterised by increased resistance to sunlight and low temperatures and high resistance to mechanical damage.



Koronek czar...


Motywy ludowe powracają do łask. Na fali powszechnego w dekoracji nurtu promującego tradycyjne wzornictwo ludowe, firma Prosperplast zaproponowała nową serię doniczek LACE z misternym, ażurowym motywem koronki. Zamierzona prostota z nostalgii za minioną epoką...


Inspired by the processing of natural stone and its aesthetics form its qualities that perfectly fit into any surrounding we have created model Rocka..
The accurately textured surface is made with full attention to detail. Its natural beauty does not define a particular style but perfectly harmonizes with both classic elegance and modern minimalism.
Just as the stone this particular line is durable and weather resistant and it can add an extraordinary decoration in any home environment and public facilities.


An undoubted advantage of the new line of decorative line dedicated for orchid is sophisticated form and functionality.
The same way as pots of orchid collection Coubi Family - decorative bowls are distinguished by subtle elliptical shape, successfully defines the glamour aesthetics. Thanks to stylish design they solitary can enrich any interior decoration.
However orchids complement them and together they make an unforgettable impression. Through transparent surface we can see the plant in all its glory. Joyful, intense colours will brighten any room and fulfil room with summer mood at any time of the year.



Garden box

Well organised outside relaxing zone and adequate equipment guarantees easy maintenance and peace of mind. When planning space it is always worth to consider furniture with storage.
The large capacity of the Prosperplast garden box will help you to keep with the untidiness under control. It is a practical storage box easy to move around thanks to the wheels.
Lightweight construction provides adequate ventilation and protection against rain. This make the box a perfect solution for keeping cushions for garden furniture, blankets, garden gadgets, smaller furniture or toys for children. The built-in loop for padlock gives you option to secure content inside.
This new addition to Prosperplast garden range is well-made, easy to maintain, weatherproof and effortless assembly without additional tools make it a “must buy” item.
The Garden Box comes in 3 different panel finishes; mosaic, patterns inspired by natural woven bamboo or rattan and are available in umber and anthracite colour..


Pots collection Coubi combines unpretentious minimalism and modernity. They fit perfectly into any interior, in harmony any style and taste.
A variety of colours and shapes with shiny discreet glowing surface it adds to the aesthetics glamour, and has a significant effect on the visual impression.

Collection LOFLY is a mixture of multitude of vivid, intense colours, sophisticated, fine texture and shape of a modernist style.
Pots and cases are in harmony with current trends, allowing you to experiment with their form and colours.
Exhibited in the spacious, terraces, gardens, their sublime aesthetics will enrich the space making change beyond recognition. They may complement urban public space as well as friendly relaxing and extremely fashionable patio in your house.
lofly railing

Innowacyjne, gustowne rozwiązanie dla poręczowych skrzynek balkonowych. Forma doniczek i szeroka gama najmodniejszych kolorów, stanowi inspirację dla poszukujących niebanalnych pomysłów na barwne aranżacje balkonów czy tarasów. Kołki stabilizujące korygujące poziom i kąt nachylenia zamontowanej doniczki, uniemożliwiają jej balansowanie na poręczy. Dostępne w dwóch rozmiarach.

Fakturowana powierzchnia doniczek i niewielkich skrzynek z egzotycznej kolekcji RATOLLA wiernie imituje plecionkę rattanową.
Skrzynki opcjonalnie wyposażone są w haki do samodzielnego montażu na barierce. Ponadto w zestawie specjalna wkładka zapewniająca roślinom stały poziom nawodnienia i w efekcie oszczędność wody poprzez gromadzenie jej nadmiaru w dnie skrzynki.

Nowy zamysł w estetyce wzornictwa firmy Prosperplast.
Egzotyczna kolekcja, o misternej fakturze inspirowanej naturalną bambusową plecionką.Stanowi doskonałe uzupełnienie stylowej dekoracji wnętrz, aranżacji tarasów, werandy, ogrodów zimowych, ogródków restauracyjnych, barowych oraz kawiarnianych. W zestawie praktyczny wkład.

System szybkiego poboru wody GIKABE umożliwia użytkownikowi bardzo wygodne i niezwykle szybkie czerpanie wody w ogrodzie.
Innowacyjność tego systemu polega natym, że podlewając tradycyjnie swój ogródek, nie trzeba już czekać by napełnić wiadro lub konewkę. Wystarczy jedynie nacisnąć przycisk w zbiorniku a konewka lub wiadro napełni się wodą błyskawicznie.