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NEWS 2018

Storage system ”made to measure”. Containers are available in universal sizes so they can successfully replace the drawers and fit universal furniture systems on the market.


DWaste bin bins
Easy stackable
Modular construction
Easy sorting of household waste



A workshop storage box made of high quality material. Designed for storing a large number of smaller or larger workshop or garage items. The storage bins are stackable and create stable vertical segments or can be join in horizontal rows thanks to special designed attached connectors, as well as can easily mounted at the wall with a wall board specially designed for this purpose.  The bin design provides a perfect and practical storage solution with easy access to its content.


Textured Surface of pots and small cases from exotic RATOLLA collection faithfully imitates rattan braid. Various sets are optionally equipped with self-locking system, hooks for self-assembly on the balustrade, pendants or a special insert that provides constant hydration level for plants. Consequently, it saves water because water excess collects in the bottom of the pot or case. RATOLLA pots and cases are available in favoured patterns and sizes as well as four universal colors on the market.


Minimalist and bold arrangement lovers are usually looking for both simple and original solutions. The RESPANA collection is the perfect answer to these needs, combining functionality with an elegant line. The whole series of pots and their wide usage make it possible to create a variety of impressive compositions. Their design is created to fit as a powerful detail to each arrangement. The RESPANA series are equipped with self-locking system or pendants, available in a wide range of bestselling colors.

The portable seedbed collection from Respana collection is an important part of the gardening backyard and a perfect solution for growers who face difficult climatic conditions. This miniature greenhouse which,does not take up much space at home, creates the perfect conditions for the growth of the seedlings through good ventilation and humidity control. Cultivation of early vegetables, herbs or warm weather-loving plants sensitive to weather conditions - can be continued regardless of weather condition outside and bringing a great joy of early harvest. The large bowl of the seedbed is equipped with a stabilizing walls strut. The light transparent lid provides adjustable ventilation holes in order to createan ideal micro-climate and prevent from overheating plants. What is more it protects the seedlings from annoying insects. A complete comfort in usage provides a quick change of legs from short to long, included as an option.
A series of IML pots

We focus on variety! As an answer we launch line of the classic decorative collection flowerpot casings which, no doubts, can satisfy demanding taste. Thanks to the new technology (IML - "In-Mould-Labeling") the possibility of colours and patterns are endless and any design request can be fulfilled. Our standard offer in this line is dedicated to lovers of botanical, romantic outlooks etc. Designs are grouped thematically and we can find botanical theme or pastel colour range which can add charm to your interiors. The new line can perfectly be used as a holder for small bits in the kitchen, bathroom, children's room or home office. Models come in 2 different rim widths and are available in 4 sizes


Nature provides lots of visually impressive inspirations that bring positive energy to our life and have positive effect on our mood. The decorative STYLE&CHICK collection with subtle ornaments is a response to the idea of the current eco trend. The LACE, NATURO, TREE and CITY collection of pots have the warm, subdued colors of the earth and shades of grey. Their combination with the intricate motif of lace and the simple geometry of openwork motifs in the shape of leaves structure and bamboo shoots will create an original, slightly extravagant arrangement with a touch of unpretentious elegance.


Designed to perfectly blend in harmonious and attractive landscape, we have created an all-season, frost proof SAND AND SANDY collection of flowerpots. Its design combines atmosphere of both - comfort and functionality. This exceptionally decorative flowerpot collection is inspired by hand-made, traditional ceramics. Their noble surface has wavy horizontal and vertical grooves which reminiscent a shape and pattern of desert sand. The Sand and Sandy pots are best suited with a leisure zone around every house as well as the surroundings of hotels and residences. They are an excellent for the terraces, winter gardens and popular patio arrangements. An undoubtedly advantage is their high-resistance to sunlight, low temperatures and mechanical damage.

During hot and sunny days everyone’s desire is to sit in the shade of trees or under parasol. Here the major thing is a proper parasol base - our Umbrella Base completely filled with sand or water garantee stability of a parasol. Umbrella Base is made of high quality frost and UV-resistant raw material. It is equipped with an universal switcher, suitable for most of parsols achievable on the market. Umbrella Base is available in 4 trendy colours.


Garden box

Well organised outside relaxing zone and adequate equipment guarantees easy maintenance and peace of mind. When planning space, it is always worth to consider this product which is a perfect solution for keeping cushions, blankets, garden gadgets, smaller furniture or toys for children. The large capacity will help you to keep your garden area in order. Lightweight, waterproof construction and effortless assembly (without additional tools) make it an excellent product. The built-in loop for padlock gives you option to secure content inside. Thanks to built-in wheels it can be easily moved around. The Garden Box comes in 2 different panel finishes - natural woven bamboo or rattan - which match our Outdoor Flowerpots Series - Matuba and Rato line.

wheelbaroow LOAD&GO

Appropriate tools in the garden make your work easier, pleasant and let you enjoy your garden chores or around your house. Such a tool is our wheelbaroow LOAD&GO. It is capacious, easy to carry and for all - purpose. Two-wheelbarrow with a stable, lightweight construction carries your garden tools, waste, snow or firewood straight to your door.





The bowl of Load & Go wheelbarrow is made of strong plastic. It has got a handle for the one of the unrivalled Rake Loader spade-rake on the market. This smart, unique 2in1 solution has been used to improve the comfort and efficiency of raking large amounts of leaves, grass and loose materials. LoadFork is equipped with large, widely spaced teeth, an aluminum shaft and handle.