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NEWS 2019

Sandy Bowl


Round flowerpots from the SANDY collection are inspired by hand-moulded, traditional ceramics. The play of light on extremely impressive grooves gives them a decorative dimension.




A distinct, three-dimensional see-through plait of Splofy & Nitly collection reflects the light and exposes the beautiful structure.
The original and unique pattern makes an effective impression of a soft, loosely woven crewel.
The Collection is available in neutral, pastel colours - hot trend for 2018!.


The timeless and constantly evolving fashion for rustic interiors, inspired us to create the Boardee collection of flowerpots that fit perfectly into modern interiors. Their simple form, reminiscent of vessels made of slats work in any interior or garden. A palette of earth colours makes it possible to create unique arrangements.


Designed for birds watchers who feed them, helping them survive the harsh winter conditions. Regardless of the season, bird watching is a very good way to shape pro-ecological attitudes among the youngest. The design of the feeders means that they can be installed in different ways. You can suspend them on a string, install them on a stake, attach them to a branch or balcony railing, choosing a place that will prevent predators from attacking. Inclined roofs protect the food from rain and snow. Extremely decorative, easy to assemble and clean.




The ornament on the surface of the flowerpot refers to the style of Far East design. An element that complements interior design and introduces an oriental character to any space.





A round flowerpot with a textured surface, reminiscent of hand-made woven products made from dried grasses.




inspekt Respana Planter Wood Set




Mobile Platform

A mobile platform that allows you to move even large flowerpots. It features a system of 4 independent, stable rollers, which rotate by 360 degrees, allowing you to move it in all directions.



organizer Truck Plus and carrier Cargo Plus