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History and the furture

Prosperplast Company  is one of the  International leaders  in plastic products industry  which offers   a wide range of articles  for home and garden, as flowerpots, composter bins, watering cans, toolboxes and children products like slides, sledges etc.
Thanks  to a wise management  the Company continues to thrive as a self-sufficient  manufacturer. Majority of products is produced for individual  orders of domestic and international costumers and delivered  by company transport .


 Our history
Prosperplast company started out  in Buczkowice  in 1993. Founded by 2 brothers Pawel and Marek Mrozek the company thrives as family run business.
At the beginning the company production was mainly focused on flowerpots and employed only a few people.
With the increased  business  and growing demand of the market products range dramatically extended with winter , DIY and children  lines. Products become more  differential and they aimed for larger target groups.  
Successively  facilities , machinery  and employment in the company has been increasing. Owing to clever and wise management  and the company brave investments  the company  shortly won its rightful leader position among plastic products producers.
Some of the major investments over the years includes the construction of amodern production hall in Buczkowicach in 2008, factories in Zywiec and the representative office complex in Rybarzowice – where comany headquarters have been  moved in 2011.
With well managed  and continuous investment in machinery, new designs, as well as in company facilities and employees  the company  reported dynamic growth in 2008-2014. It now has three production locations, warehouse space located in four cities in Poland, as well as the logistics center in Germany and the Czech Republic, of a total over 60,000 m2.
Prosperplast focuses on continuous development, modernity and flexibility. The products have  an excellent quality, original and modern design that is why their populiraruity is widly  and  and continouslly growing not only among European customers, but also in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
In 2013 the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. That year  was  full of investments and variety of  new ideas which resulted  in numerous new lines of products and developments.
Currently,  products and modern infrastructure  have  the highest  and up-to-date quality  in line with the trends of  the global markets. At the same time the new collections are  aiming to reach the hight standard of functionality  to provide the customers the highest comfort of usage. Adapting to the needs of our customers is our priority  and a wide range  of products allows us to satisfy the  expectations of our customers no matter what time of the year, interest or age
Services for domestic and international transport are carried out on the basis of its own  vehicles, well-trained logicians, experienced drivers and modern operating  system.
We have  various sizes tarpaulin and solid  van , trucks, lorries.
Answering customers demand, a large part of the vehicles is equipped with an elevator or pallet trucks for easy loading.